Kraz And Taz: A Look At Eric Krasno and Brandon Niedeauer’s Greatest Collaborations


via Live for Live Music

As part of Live For Live Music’s Baker’s Dozen Late Nights series, the Eric Krasno Band will perform a special post-Phish concert at The Cutting Room on Friday, August 4th, with the Brandon Niederauer “TAZ” Band.

Eric Krasno, guitarist for Lettuce and Soulive, is currently focusing on his solo career with the EKB, writing songs and performing them on the road with a choice selection of band members. It’s a refreshing perspective for fans, who are used to seeing Krasno shred with the likes of Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes, and members of the Grateful Dead, to see him step up to the microphone and sing original songs.

Similarly following in his footsteps is young Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, who was discovered by Butch Trucks, mentored by Col. Bruce Hampton, and has been cutting his teeth the past two years as one of the stars of the smash hit Broadway production School of Rock. With his role in the musical coming to a close, and with high school right around the corner, Taz has spent the last several months focusing on his own band.

Kraz and Taz go as far back as when the young guitarist went on Jam Cruise for the first time in 2014 when he was ten years old. The two have shared the stage for years since, staying true to a teacher/student relationship. With both of them residing in New York, and playing at various of the same music festivals, Kraz and Taz have spent several highlighting moments together.