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The Wizard Of Kraz (via Colorado Culture)

Ever heard of Eric Krasno? Chances are that's a yes; from co-founding Lettuce and Soulive to writing for a slew of musicians you probably HAVE heard of (50 Cent, Norah Jones, Talib Kweli to name a few), Krasno has had his hands and head fully submerged in the sea that is the music industry for the past 2 decades. Despite winning two Grammy awards, his upcoming album marks first time in his career featuring his voice. We got a chance to dig into this musical mastermind's head:

CC: You have a resume that makes Diplo look like a novice; explain how you’ve managed to stay so low-key despite 2 Grammy’s under your belt over 2 decades.

EK: Up until now, I’ve always been kind of on the back-end of the project. I usually fill the role of writing for other people and being the producer rather than being a frontman or performer. It’s only up until recently that I’ve decided to use my voice more in recordings and begin these solo projects.

CC: Which has only been recently heard - in a popular setting I should say. The first time I heard of you was on "Torture" off Gramatik’s Age Of Reason album.

EK: Yes that is a jam! That’s actually one of my songs that is coming out on my upcoming album Blood From A Stone coming out July 8th. But yeah, Denis [Gramatik] got wind of the track, did his chops and screws and we decided it would be a good fit for that album. But the original version I wrote will be featured on mine.

CC: Speaking of which, the album sounds amazing. You recently featured the first track, Waiting On Your Love. It’s a richly classic diddle that’s also deeply rooted in emotion. Tell me about the process of making it.

EK: Well, I got together with Adam Deitch [Lettuce, Break Science] who’s worked with Pretty Lights for a while. We got some of the drum samples you hear in the track and just started playing on giving it an old school Blues feel. The theme behind it is about moving on, whether it be a person, a group of people, or an opportunity.

CC: What’s in store for your band’s headliner sets at The Mishawaka and Fox Theater?

EK: I’m hoping to have a lot of special guests coming! There’s obviously a ton of local talent that I work with that I’d love to feature at these shows. That and you can expect a lot of new content from Blood From A Stone.

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