Eric Krasno Finds His Voice With ‘Waiting on Your Love’ (WSJ Exclusive)

The song comes from the Brooklyn-based guitarist's new solo album

By Mike Ayers, WSJ

As the guitarist for soul-and-funk groups Soulive and Lettuce, Eric Krasno has kept relatively quiet when it comes to singing. That’s changing with his new solo album “Blood From a Stone.” The first song, “Waiting on Your Love,” premieres below on Speakeasy today.

Evident on the track is Krasno’s gravitation towards a more rock ‘n’ roll sound, rooted in the blues. “[It's] a good intro to the record because it grooves hard and the riff is infectious,” Krasno says. “I also thought it connects some modern sounds with old concepts.”

Krasno says this song was written towards the end of the sessions that led to the 10 songs appearing on “Blood.” It originally had more of a straight-up blues feel, but he decided to punch it up with more of a hip-hop beat. It’s a love song of sorts, where pining is at the heart of the lyrics.

Though Krasno has made a name for himself as a guitarist and producer for acts like Allen Stone and the Tedeschi Trucks Band, singing hasn’t been at the forefront of his career – but he didn’t sweat laying down perfect vocals. “It was all about connecting with the story or message of the song and not getting too technical,” he says. “A lot of my favorite singers weren’t always technical masters. It just has to evoke feeling and make you want to sing along.”

“Blood From a Stone” is out July 8 on Krasno’s label Feel Music Group. Listen to “Waiting on Your Love” at WSJ.com