Glide Magazine Premiere: Unreleased Title Track 'Blood From A Stone' [Free Download]


via Glide Magazine

Eric Krasno, the co-founder of Soulive and former full time lead guitarist of Lettuce released his third solo album Blood From A Stone on July 8th. Although we’re already familiar with Krasno’s knock it dead guitar tone, this time around Krasno contributes vocals on every track of the self-produced album with the exception of  an instrumental featuring Derek Trucks: “Curse Lifter.”

“My writing partner Dave Gutter and I have been composing songs with vocals for other people for awhile,” explains Krasno in an earlier press release. “So some of the initial ideas that would eventually wind up on the album were written thinking others would sing them, but when they were introduced to different artists, it wouldn’t necessarily work out. Eventually I realized some of the songs we’d been writing were more personal and would be better suited for me to sing.”

Glide Magazine is premiering the rousing track “Blood From A Stone,” (below) which showcases a poignant new side to Krasno’s music, placing himself among the gritty bluesy rock of The Black Keys and other Danger Mouse produced projects.

“I’m excited to finally release the track ‘Blood From a Stone,’ which wound up being used as the title for the album even though we didn’t include the song on it. ‘Blood’ was one of the first tracks I recorded for the project and I loved the energy and grittiness of the song, but when the album was all done, I felt that this track sounded like a seperate piece,” says Krasno. “So I decided to put it out later as its own single. Dave Gutter and I wrote the song on the first day of the sessions in the studio together and then we got heavy into fuzzed out psychedelic sounds, which I thought reflected the imagery and meaning in the lyrics.”